Teen & Adult Classes


Our nationally recognized teen classes for those youth from ages 13 to 16, focuses on very intense physical training in order to develop peek physical conditioning and a very high level of personal self-defense.  Additionally, the teen program emphasizes the significance of self-respect; and how respect for oneself serves as a monumental influence regarding the consequential choices teens make.  The comprehensiveness of the teen program, in addition to assisting students meet the physical/mental challenges required for earning a black belt, also reinforces one’s level of confidence, discipline, humility, and leadership.


Whether you are a professional who is looking for an effective form of stress relief, a person interested in being involved in the most intense, as well as advanced form of karate available, or simply one who falls somewhere in between, our adults only program provides many levels of training.  Your goal may be to revitalize or restore previous fitness levels or even reinvent an entirely new level of fitness.  Or, much like myself, you may enjoy the most challenging and intense training techniques one can discover through traditional karate.  Whatever your focus, we provide classes that are sure to direct you toward achieving your own personal goals.