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How Big is the Problem?

Anxiety, isolation, and depression are just a few of the negative implications associated with being exposed to persistent bullying.  Many adults can recall their own disturbing experiences as a child regarding school bullying.  However, whether you attribute it to our often overly competitive society, or the fact that today’s children are exposed to so much more violence and disrespectful behavior, bullying in today’s schools has escalated to a level that few adults are aware of.  It is difficult to accept, but far too many of our youth are suffering in silence as they struggle to persevere through a school day inundated with habitual emotional torture.  If you think this sounds somewhat exaggerated, just spend a little time listening to children who have repeatedly been on the “receiving end” of bullying and you will be hard-pressed to hold back your own tears.  The issue of school bullying not only affects our youth individually, but it also affects our communities, our states, and ultimately our Nation.

What Can Be Done?

The answer is to be Pro-Active!  Tim Derby Karate’s Stop School Bullying program takes a pro-active and comprehensive approach to combating peer abuse in our Nation’s schools.

How Do We Do This? 

Tim Derby Karate’s Stop School Bullying program focuses on three critical “interrelated” and “interdependent” steps:

Step 1:


Step 2:

Break the Code of Silence

Step 3:

Establish Protocol

Bullying is not limited to physical abuse.  In fact, the most severe forms of bullying involve emotional, psychological, and social abuse, (i.e. constant teasing, alienating, threats, rumor spreading, etc…)

Tim Derby Karate encourages students to be “responsible students” by informing an adult if they or someone they know is being bullied.

Tim Derby Karate assists educators in the development of “predetermined” protocol.  Predetermined steps focused on the prevention, intervention, and resolution of bullying.



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